Last stage of production of a medicine before being dispensed by the network of pharmacies or hospitals, packaging of pharmaceutical forms experienced different developments if not revolutions in recent years. 

This pharmaceutical operation requires perfect match between the men, machinery and process quality. 

Indeed the risk of error is maximized because of frequent changes of presentations or batches. 


Galien® LPS has a great know-how and expertise in dry forms packaging. 


6 dedicated medium speed lines, in closed, humidity and temperature controlled rooms allow packaging different solid forms. 

Different kinds of tablets, hard and soft capsules are thus packaged in Sens plant workshops. 

Automated systems check at each stage the use good packaging item all throughout the production chain. 

Sensors linked to an application also provide real-time information on line efficiency, OEE, allowing us to determine precisely root causes of machine stops, make adjustments and adapt the maintenance program as necessary. 

From late 2018, LPS Galien® will offer to its customers serialization and safety features on all its packaging lines as required by European Falsified Medecines Directive. 

Galien® LPS is customer focused in order to adapt to various and changing needs. 

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