What is a LYOC  ?


The LYOC® is a porous solution containing an active ingredient dispersed in an alveolar structure. 

Very hydrophilic , it dissolves and disperses instantly in the mouth on contact with saliva. 

The LYOC® can be taken directly into the mouth without additional water addition. The oral lyophilisate retains all the properties of the original liquid preparation.


Pharmaceutical Benefits 

  • Increased stability: the LYOC® improves chemical as well physical stability. It allows maintaining the quality of the active ingredients and preserving them in their state of optimum activity. 

  • Instant Solubility: the high porosity and hydrophylic properties of LYOC® allow accelerated disintegration and dissolution. The active ingredient disperses homogeneously. 

  • Fewer adjuvants: lyophilization decreases the amount of functional adjuvants such as preservatives, carbohydrate excipients or sodium-based compounds. It is consisting almost entirely of the active ingredient itself. 

​Practical and therapeutical benefits 

  • Action Speed: LYOC is dissolving almost instantly in the mouth so the active ingredient is rapidly available to allow mouth absorption for an earlier therapeutic action

  • Administration without water*:
    Avoids exacerbations of nausea reflex encountered in many pathologies. 

  • User Convenience: the LYOC® can be taken at the onset of symptoms at any time and in all circumstances. LYOC® is particularly suitable for outpatient treatment**, children, elderly and patients having swallowing problems. 

  • Absorption through the mouth is also an advantage for liver metabolized drugs, avoiding the hepatic first-pass effect. 

  • The absence of sucrose and sodium in LYOC® makes a large maneuverability in diabetics, hypertensive or cardiac patients. 

  • With associated technologies, the LYOC® allows combining active ingredients chemically or physically incompatible , developing micronized products or coated products to mask a bad taste. 



Lyophilization is a freeze drying process e.g. a drying of a previously frozen aqueous or organic system. 

LYOC® technology may concern all the active ingredients and all prescription or OTC drugs, but also veterinary products. 


The manufacturing process of freeze dried tablets involves several steps: 

  • Preparation of a suspension, solution or emulsion containing the active substance(s); 

    Distribution of the liquid preparation in thermoformed blisters; 

  • Freezing at very low temperatures (-30 ° C / -40 ° C) in a short time to prevent the alteration of the active ingredient: water is totally turned into ice and active ingredient is immobilized; 

  • Sublimation: water as ice goes directly to vapor without passing through a liquid phase; 

The finished product is a solid, porous, light and stable, having cellular structures and packaged in blister. 


* With the exception of certain active ingredients, such as NSAIDs, which must be taken with a glass of water. 

** The LYOC®, such as tablets and capsules cannot be taken as is by children under 6 years 

due to the risk of swallowing it the wrong way; it must be dissolved in a small amount of drink. 

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