Galien® LPS, founded in December 2015 by Galien Pharmholding group has two industrial sites in France transferred by
Teva in March 2016. 

Headquartered in Nevers, in Nièvre district, Galien LPS has a second plant in Burgundy region, located in Sens, Yonne district. 

Originally created by the L. Lafon laboratory in 1992, the site of Nevers is specialized in oro-dispersible forms obtained by freeze-drying process known under LYOC® brand. Spasfon-LYOC® and VOGALENE®LYOC® brands are thus produced on Nevers site on behalf of Teva, VOGALIB® for P&G-Teva joint venture. 

Nevers site also exports its expertise in Africa and Middle East markets. 

Sens site is specialized in dry forms packaging. 

This site also offers pharmaceutical services from artwork and labelling creation & change management with its studio to technical writing of variations to the M.A.F. 

A QC laboratory handling latest analytical techniques as well as stability storage capacities complete our services offer. 

With a workforce of 175 highly involved people in the field of quality and service to pharmaceutical companies, Galien® LPS aims to become in the coming years, a major player in C.M.O world. 



Galien LPS

Rue Bellocier

B.P. 713
89100 Sens Cedex


Galien LPS

Parc d’Activités


22 Rue Edmé Laborde

58000 Nevers

 Galien-LPS - Parc d’Activités Nevers/St-Éloi - 22 Rue Edmé Laborde - 58000 Nevers